I recently learned of a new tool by reddit user vcjohnson to view statistics on credit card application approvals, denials, and reconsideration attempts. Reddit has been keeping a spreadsheet of these statistics for a while, but this tool takes that spreadsheet and presents it in an easy to use, visually appealing way.

You select a specific bank and/or card, and you can view statistics for that specific bank or that specific card.

For example, here are statistics on applications for the Chase Ink Plus. You can view statistics and data points on how often the application is auto approved, average FICO score for approvals / denials, average income, average age of account, recon success, what bureau was pulled, etc. The tool doesn’t seem to filter what bureau was pulled by geographic location though, which is a bit informative.

Statistics on credit applications

Statistics on credit applications

You can drill into specific application attempts as well on other tabs. There are also tabs that have a list of specific retention attempts as well.

A list of retention attempts

List of retention attempts

Some other information provided are the current offer for the card, the historic best offer, as well as referral links from reddit. However, it doesn’t seem to have links to current offers, in comparison to FlyerTalk, which tends to maintain a list of current public as well secret links to applications.

Furthermore, it makes it easy to add your own application datapoints. For example, here is a screen below for adding your own datapoint:

Add your own datapoint

Add your own datapoint

Overall, it seems like a very useful tool the next time you are applying for credit. I can see the reddit community migrating their database over to this, as it is much easier to work with and see overall statistics than the spreadsheet. I do feel though that there are specific websites that are better for certain use cases. For example, the CreditBoards pull database has more datapoints and can be filtered by state. I also find FlyerTalk better in giving details about the credit card, historic offers, and hidden application links for specific credit cards.

Anyways, you can go check it out at churnbase.com