Another way to earn miles based on distance on AA – IRROPs

A couple of weeks ago, Rapid Travel Chai posted about a flyer who earned distance based redeemable mileage by booking flights through though the Citi ThankYou portal. I wondered if there were other ways to still earn distance based redeemable mileage and discovered one way inadvertently a few weekends ago. Obviously, IRROPs isn’t a controllable situation, but it’s something to keep in mind when you are deciding how to resolve it.

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Something that might hold up your US Bank FlexPerks application (or other US Bank applications)

EDIT: The referral link for the US Bank FlexPerks does NOT give the full Olympic bonus. We’re really sorry to anyone who applied through our link–if it makes you feel better, we also applied using a referral link and will not be getting the promo bonus either. Be sure to use the normal application link to qualify for the promotion.

I applied for the US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards card the other day. Now the Olympics is over, the bonus is 34,800 points (20,000 is the standard bonus, plus 14,800 for the medals Team USA won), which is a great offer.

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Another caveat to IHG’s Best Rate Guarantee

I’ve been of the opinion that IHG’s Best Rate Guarantee is just a marketing gimmick and really hard to actually apply practically, but I discovered a NEW caveat to the guarantee that further strengthens my opinion.

I was booking a hotel for my parents because they needed an overnight stay at Newark Liberty Airport on their way to Europe. Given that I was trying to finish some Accelerate promos, I opted to book them at the Crowne Plaza Newark Airport in a King room at the IHG Member advanced purchase rate for $132.89 + $23.92 of taxes and fees for a total of $156.81, which was the lowest rate at the time.

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I’ve been using for quite some time to help easily run multiple award searches on different alliances for some time. However, there was always lacking a SkyTeam search option. Perhaps the author of the plugin didn’t really redeem for SkyTeam awards. However, that is no longer! As of yesterday, Air France/KLM’s frequent flyer program, Flying Blue has been added as a option for

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Demistifying Fixed Value Points

I’ve been having a (private) love affair with fixed-value airline miles over the past few months, and I even went so far as to sign up for the JetBlue credit card in wake of the ridiculous promotion they were offering (from which I netted 75,000 JetBlue miles for a round trip flight that cost me $75). Doctor of Credit explains it well, but the appeal for getting the card was the combination of an (unlimited) 10% points rebate as well as the opportunity to earn Mosaic status after spending $50,000 on the card in a single year. Mosaic status offers unlimited free cancellations of both cash (refund to voucher) and award flights, which is amazing for planning domestic travel since I can speculatively book flights without fear of either not being able to take the flight or finding cheaper flights later on.

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Asking for an upgrade to business class… and getting it!

Okay it wasn’t as brazen as the post title suggests. But yes, it’s a real life datapoint of asking for an upgrade (that was probably deserved) and getting it!

Back at the end of January, when AA opened up premium award space to Europe pretty widely, I jumped on it to book a business class class ticket to Ibiza, SFO-JFK-LHR, LCY-IBZ as part of a summer Europe trip. My friends were going on the same trip, so I encouraged them to do so as well. Except for the first statement on their Citi AA cards hadn’t closed yet so they didn’t quite have the miles!

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Trip Report: Singapore Airport and Lounge Reviews

Singapore Airport is incredible. It’s like the ultimate hangout spot, if it only didn’t require a boarding pass to get in. I could imagine people wanting to get their friends together and hang out for a day here. I was on my way from SIN to TPE via Tigerair Taiwan, and since I had to check luggage and the counters weren’t open more than 2 hours prior, I wish I had more than 2 hours to explore. I will definitely allot more hours next time I’m there. It’s these Asian airports that make me realize how paltry our American lounges are in comparison!

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An update to the Discover egiftcard codes trick

A reader notified me that the script to grab all egiftcard codes from Discover could be cleaned up and simplified a bit. Also I noticed that WordPress was mangling the code making it error out when pasting it into your console. I’ve fixed the original post but just posting an update as well. Here are updated instructions:

  1. Open up your Javascript console. You can access the Javascript console on Chrome with the following methods:
    • Use the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + J (Mac) or Control+ Shift + J (Windows/Linux).
    • Select > More Tools > JavaScript Console.
  2. Go to this site and paste the displayed code into the Javascript console:

You will then see the e-gift card codes and PINs printed out to your Javascript console.

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United is testing out some new award availability calendar UI

Just a small detail, but I’ve been playing around with the United award search tool for the last couple of days and have been noticing that they have been playing around with some UI changes with the award availability calendar.

The new UI that they rolled out sometime last year looks like this:

Days with only Economy availability were yellow, days with only Premium economy were Blue, and days with both were green.

Continue reading → now charging if your shipping and billing addresses are different has been one of my favorite ways to meet minimum spend on my credit card due to how easy it is and the low cost if you factor in portal cashback. It looks like there has been a recent change to charge a $4.75 fee if your billing and shipping addresses are different, if you select USPS Priority Mail or above as your shipping option.

I tend to have different shipping and billing addresses as I rent but my parents live nearby. I don’t like giving my rental address as my billing address, and I don’t know when I will move, but I know my parents will be still at their address and not too far away.

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