JetBlue Points Match Promotion: Is It Worth It?

NOTE: Please read comments about potential eligibility requirements that are not officially listed on the promotion site. As with everything YMMV.

For any of you who follow the major blogs, you’ve heard by now that JetBlue is running a promotion where they will ‘match’ your Virgin America points balances after you send them an email with a screenshot of your Virgin America balance and fly a single round-trip flight with them by August 31.

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BBVA update: the party is on!

During the last two BBVA promo periods before the current one, it was discovered that BBVA gives 5x for ALL purchases, not just physical swipes. However, BBVA was very inconsistent about when you would get the 5x rewards. Often, purchases would post at 1x rewards then some indeterminate time later, would post at 5x rewards.

This lead to some fears and confusion during this current BBVA NBA finals promo period of what actually would post at 5x versus 1x. As of Monday/Tuesday, I had a bunch of purchases post in my account, but only some of them posted as 5x, and it was very inconsistent which ones received the extra bonus or not. My VGCs, didn’t post, but somehow my tax payment and Giftcardmall purchases did. And funnily enough, some *actual* physical swipes didn’t either.

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The Real Deal with Rental Car Insurance

Hello! Good day! I’m still alive!

For those of you who follow the blog regularly, you’ll know that I haven’t posted in a while and may be wondering where the heck I went. Well, long story short, I felt like I didn’t have anything particularly interesting to share, and since Michael and Esther were kicking ass with their recent posts, I didn’t feel any need to pipe in. This has definitely been a huge benefit to co-authoring a blog, since none of us feel pressured to write and we can still manage to keep up content with one or two of us writing at a time.

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Enter to win a roundtrip flight from Alaska Airlines with Uber for Pride Week

I’m sure if you have an Uber account you’ve seen this promo already, but you can enter to win a free roundtrip flight anywhere Alaska Airlines flies with a sweepstakes from Uber. All you have to do is live in certain West Coast cities + Honolulu, enter the appropriate promo code, and take rides on Uber during the sweepstakes period, which aligns with Pride Week in the various cities.

The sweepstakes periods and promo codes are (Los Angeles and Portland are already over, but San Francisco is on right now!)

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Is 5x Ultimate Rewards at CardCash dead?

I’ve been using CardCash over the last year or so to buy discounted gift cards while also getting 5x Ultimate Rewards through my Chase Ink card. CardCash, whether paid through PayPal or paid directly, would code as Utilities and earn 5x Ultimate Rewards with Chase Ink.

From recent datapoints from people I know, as well as my own personal datapoints, it seems like on 6/16, CardCash has started to code as Recreation instead and only earn 1x Ultimate Rewards points.

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Recovering a long lost Total Rewards account

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the Total Rewards program, which is the loyalty program of a number of casinos and hotels around the United States, notably Harrah’s, Caesar’s Palace, the LINQ, the Cromwell, Rio, Paris, and more. Specifically, I heard that Diamond status, which you can get through a match with FoundersCard had a lot of great benefits, like waived resort fees, buffet privileges and more (possibly even a free stay in the Bahamas!) So I wanted to create a Total Rewards account to take advantage of the benefits. Great, right?

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Applied for the PayPal Extras MasterCard from the wrong account? It can be fixed!

A month or two ago, I wanted to add my PayPal Extras MasterCard as a backup method for my PayPal Business Debit card for that sweet, sweet extra cashback. I had an existing PayPal Business Debit card, so I went to apply for the PayPal Extras MasterCard. You are allowed to have 2 PayPal accounts, so I went to make sure which account had the Business Debit card on it first before applying, or so I thought.

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Find out which British Airways offices are open right now around the world!

I was digging around the bowels of FlyerTalk the other day, looking for some help with the schedule change policy at British Airways, when I found this little tool.

It’s known that the North American British Airways call center has fairly long wait times and can be… less than helpful. So typically I’ll call the North American call center first, and if the wait seems too long or the agent isn’t being very helpful. I’ll go and call another region. But it’s a tedious process to guess which offices might be open in each time zone.

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The case of the mysterious United 60k Asia award

My buddy sent me this award he recently booked on United, and commented that it was awfully cheap. Originally, he had booked an open jaw, SFO-SIN (on the new 787 nonstop!), TPE-SFO and it had priced out at 75,000 United miles, but he decided to see if he could complete the round trip and booked a new trip with the same itinerary, but added a leg on EVA from Singapore to Taipei.

And mysteriously, the award only priced at 60,000 United miles. This makes no sense at all, given that a one way Asia award should be *at least* 35,000 miles.

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Using Excel’s Solver Function to determine which Citi transactions earned bonus points

Hello! National Doughnut Day just passed and being wired from the sugar on a warm Friday night, I decided to tackle an annoying problem: determining which transactions on my Citi AT&T Access More statement earned 3X bonus points at retail and travel websites (yes, nerdy thing to do). While I’m only concerned about the AT&T card in today’s post, this frustration also applies to other Citi cards that earn Thank You Points, such as Citi Prestige, Premier, Forward, etc. Knowing what counts or doesn’t count for bonus points will help all of us build a valuable database of transactions that are eligible for this generous card, such as the one that Miles to Memories started, and this one from Doctor of Credit.

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