An update to the Discover egiftcard codes trick

A reader notified me that the script to grab all egiftcard codes from Discover could be cleaned up and simplified a bit. Also I noticed that WordPress was mangling the code making it error out when pasting it into your console. I’ve fixed the original post but just posting an update as well. Here are updated instructions:

  1. Open up your Javascript console. You can access the Javascript console on Chrome with the following methods:
    • Use the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + J (Mac) or Control+ Shift + J (Windows/Linux).
    • Select > More Tools > JavaScript Console.
  2. Go to this site and paste the displayed code into the Javascript console:

You will then see the e-gift card codes and PINs printed out to your Javascript console.

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United is testing out some new award availability calendar UI

Just a small detail, but I’ve been playing around with the United award search tool for the last couple of days and have been noticing that they have been playing around with some UI changes with the award availability calendar.

The new UI that they rolled out sometime last year looks like this:

Days with only Economy availability were yellow, days with only Premium economy were Blue, and days with both were green.

Continue reading → now charging if your shipping and billing addresses are different has been one of my favorite ways to meet minimum spend on my credit card due to how easy it is and the low cost if you factor in portal cashback. It looks like there has been a recent change to charge a $4.75 fee if your billing and shipping addresses are different, if you select USPS Priority Mail or above as your shipping option.

I tend to have different shipping and billing addresses as I rent but my parents live nearby. I don’t like giving my rental address as my billing address, and I don’t know when I will move, but I know my parents will be still at their address and not too far away.

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Trip Report: Taipei Lounge Reviews

This will be a photo-heavy post because I assume that in cases of trip reports, people are generally more interested in seeing photos than reading text! The photos should mostly speak for themselves…

Terminal 1:

  • Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone D) – Priority Pass
  • Transasia Legend VIP Lounge – Priority Pass

Terminal 2:

  • Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone A1) – Priority Pass
  • MORE Premium Lounge – Priority Pass
  • EVA Air The Star Lounge – Star Alliance Gold or Business Class
  • EVA Air The Infinity Lounge – Star Alliance Gold or Business Class

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Trip Suggestions: Singapore

I just got back from a work trip to Singapore, but I had enough time to do some sightseeing, given that the city is small and most of its attractions are all very close to each other. It was my first time in Singapore, but it has been on my travel bucket list for a long time. In my mind, I had Singapore on a pedestal and expected it to be extraordinarily clean, have beautiful architecture, have tons of amazing cheap food, and have strict rules. Well, I found Singapore to be everything I expected, plus more.

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Did You Know? Bank of America Preferred Rewards Edition

Last year, Bank of America started heavily marketing their “Preferred Rewards” program, whereby you can get increased rewards rates on credit card spending by holding certain balances with Bank of America and Merrily Edge. Doctor of Credit goes into all its gory detail (linked below), but roughly, you get bonuses of 10%/25%/50%/75% for having balances of $0/$20k/$50k/$100k.

Bank of America Preferred Rewards Program: 5.25% Cash Back On Gas, 3.75% Travel, 2.625% All Purchases

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Confirmed: Fidelity Visa is a Flexperks card…with a catch

A lot of hoopla has been made over the fate of the Fidelity Amex card, whose portfolio was bought by Elan Financial Services (a US Bank subsidiary), with the cards being reissued as Visas. In particular, many wondered and speculated that the card would earn (or be convertible to) Flexpoints, US Bank’s pseudo-fixed value rewards currency. Doctor of Credit has a great explanation of them here, but I’ve included the award chart for reference:

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In Defense of Delta

Before I dive into what is (intentionally) a controversial topic, I just want to take a second to welcome all our new readers who found us through Doctor of Credit. We’re super excited to have you, and hopefully you’ll find that we have an interesting thing or two to share. And of course, I’d be remiss to thank all of our existing, long-time readers (dad, I’m talking to you) for supporting us and valuing our voices. As we close in on the anniversary of our starting the blog, I couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out, and I know Esther and Michael feel the same way. We’ve managed to break some deals, share some different perspectives on hacking, tell some funny stories, and extend our hobby with our friends in family. What more could we want?

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Using Zapier to keep track of Amazon promotional credit expiration dates

Do you ever buy things from and choose No-Rush Shipping for whatever promotional credit they’re offering at the time? Usually it’s either $1 on digital media (Kindle eBooks, TV shows, music, software, etc) or $5.99 shipping credit for Prime Pantry (these are less useful to me).

The credits are worthless unless you use them, and use them by their expiration dates. This link shows you how many credits you have left for digital media (Prime Pantry credits are not listed here), but it doesn’t show you expiration dates. Those expiration dates are in individual emails, one for each order you made. I make dozens of orders per month that I choose slow shipping on, so I’ve let many credits expire just because I wasn’t keeping track.

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Grab all e-gift card codes from Discover with this trick!

Now that the Discover Double Cashback is finally coming in, you may be looking into redeeming your Discover cashback in various ways, such as gift cards. But say you’ve just redeemed for a bunch of gift cards, and you want to easily grab the codes off the redemption page. Normally this would involve a lot of copy and pasting while switching back and forth between windows, but I’ve wrote a simple script so you can grab ALL the e-gift codes and PINs straight from the page.

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