In Search of the Perfect Travel Shoe

This post is mainly for the ladies! I feel like men have it so much easier with travel shoes. As a female, my criteria for travel shoes are:

  • Comfortable – can walk miles, which is often a full day of travel
  • Well-padded – so you don’t feel the ground
  • Cute – generally nobody wants to wear ugly shoes
  • Durable – so it doesn’t fall apart from the rigors of travel
  • Multi-purpose – looks good with any outfit including dresses/skirts, should be able to go from a whole day of walking straight to a nice dinner, helps keep packing light by not taking up precious suitcase volume, and eliminates the need to carry around extra shoes all day or have to make an extra stop by the hotel before dinner
  • Easy to clean – sometimes travel can get shoes a bit dusty/dirty
  • Lightweight and breathable – walking around all day can get uncomfortably sweaty

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China Travel Pro Tips

Greetings from Xi’an, China, home of the terra cotta warriors and famous for biang biang noodles! I’m currently here for a week on business, but really, to eat delicious and super cheap ($1!) noodles. 🙂

It’s been over 10 years since I last came to China, and this is my first time in Xi’an. So I am not a China travel expert by any means. I assume you have your 10-year visa and typical travel preparations squared away, so the purpose of this post is just to elaborate on two major tips for any first-time traveler to China: 1) Use Apple Maps, 2) Download a VPN at home before going to China.

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Review: Overnight Luggage Transport in Japan

Back in May, my husband and I went on our annual trip to our favorite country in the world, Japan. It was an amazing trip as usual, and this time we hit up Tokyo, Fuji, and Hakone. We purchased the Fuji-Hakone Pass, which gives you round-trip transportation from Tokyo and unlimited transportation within the Fuji and Hakone area, plus many discounts or free admissions to local attractions. I’ll review this pass in a future post.

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Tokyo Maricar Review – Real-Life Mariokart! (Shinagawa Shop)

Have you ever played Mariokart? Do you like gokarting and driving fast? This awesome this-would-only-happen-in-Japan activity called Maricar might be for you. Maricar was first recommended to me by my friend Tim, and since then, many of my other friends have done the tour and highly recommended it. However, out of maybe 10 of my friends, only one was not very impressed. It’s not for everyone, so hopefully I can help you decide if you’ll enjoy it.

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Shady Business Practices by @Hertz Car Rental in Vancouver

I think this will be my first time blasting a company for shady business practices and not making it right. I hope it will be my last.

Update: As a result of this post, the manager of the Vancouver Airport Hertz location emailed me and honored the original booking rate. Still annoyed it had to come to this, though.


I went to Vancouver, BC this weekend on a last-minute wedding anniversary trip with my husband. They don’t have Uber, and I soon found out that it was likely because the local taxis and car rentals are so inexpensive, that Uber would have a hard time surviving.

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Trip Suggestions: Japan

This post is looooong overdue (so is my post on Taiwan). My husband and I go to Japan almost every year, and would unequivocally say it is our favorite country in the world to visit. We often joke about just moving there, because it’s such an awesome country. Michael also goes to Japan at least once a year, usually multiple times. Anytime we hear friends or family say they’re thinking about going to Japan, we immediately start gushing about how amazing it is, how awesome/polite/kind the people are, how safe it is, and how you’d never get bored or run out of things to do there. It really has something for everyone. With Japan becoming more and more accessible through fare deals and award availability, I am getting the most questions for what to do, where to eat, etc.

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I Survived an Amex Financial Review – A Few Tips


I remember the year that I started going hardcore collecting miles and points for travel, people spoke in fear of the term “Amex FR” (Financial Review) and how it could lead to slashed credit lines or even worse, complete shutdown. I was scared, and treaded very carefully with my large portfolio of Amex cards, never having huge spikes in spending, never cycling, etc. As I learned more about this dreaded Amex FR, I discovered that slashed credit lines and shutdowns had a lot to do with your reported income on your application.*

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My First Citi Prestige Trip Delay Reimbursement

I’m currently in my 2nd full year of holding the Citi Prestige (i.e. paid the annual fee twice now), and when they announced the major changes last year, I resolved at that time that I would product change my card when my 3rd annual fee came due. I had literally never used the 4th night free, golf, or 1.6 cpp AA redemption features. The only benefits I was actually using were the Admirals Club access (which I’d probably used 2 times, but also had an AA Executive card overlapping for a year) and Priority Pass benefits (which is now covered by what feels like a bazillion other cards).

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How I Scored an Upgrade on my Delta One Flight

I wrote not too long ago about my slate of flights to and from Ireland to visit my partner. Today, I took the third of these trips, which was the “perfect” FlexPerks redemption, coming in at $398 for a mere 20,000 points.

The itinerary was SFO-JFK-DUB in both directions on Delta, with the domestic segments being served by Deltas premium service, complete with white tablecloth meal service and lie flat seats for those fortunate enough to afford it.

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T-Mobile vs. Google Fi, and how to use Google Fi on an iPhone

Hello from Barcelona, where I am currently on the 3rd leg of my around-the-world trip [partially with Daniel]! 😀 I was inspired to write this post based on a recent Doctor of Credit post on Google Fi (also known as Project Fi), and thought I’d throw in my two cents based on my experiences (and of course, my referral link too). I work remotely, which gives me the awesome flexibility to travel, as long as I have access to the internet during my shift. Therefore, in-flight wifi and international cellular data is key for my job.

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