Get $2 off $250 Visa Gift Cards (VGCs) at GiftCardMall with code:


At $5.95 per gift card, this comes out to a cost of $5.95-$2 = $3.95 / $250 = 1.6% excluding credit card rewards. So this is a (slight) money-maker if you use a 2% cash back card but is otherwise a reasonable way to meet minimum spending requirements if you have a way of liquidating the VGCs (e.g. Redbird).

I also checked the terms at Simply Best Coupons (referral link — thanks!), which offers 0.5% cash back on VGC purchases from GiftCardMall, and they don’t seem to explicitly forbid using coupon codes. As with all things, YMMV. If the cash back gets credited, though, this is an even better deal at $2.70/$250 = 1.08% before credit card rewards! You can find GiftCardMall by searching for “visa gift cards”.

For reference, here are the terms for cash back as listed on SBC:

Terms and restrictions

  • 0.5% cash back on Visa Gift Cards
  • Not eligible for sign up bonus payout