Who are we? We’re three friends living in the Bay Area who met through a common love of travel. Together, we’re exploring the far corners of the world and sharing our experiences with friends and loved ones. Hopefully we can share them with you, too!

184(D) Daniel hails from New York and has been traveling ever since he got a taste of Europe while studying in Budapest. His travel bucket list includes Iceland, the Patagonia, and Cambodia. He loves food (both cooking and eating!), running, and ballroom dancing, and he can often be seen (heard, really) making bad puns to his friends.


(E) Esther is an SF Bay Area esthernative and is an optometrist. She has always loved traveling and making the most of every experience, especially with friends, and one of the most memorable times of her life was when she studied abroad between college and grad school in Seoul, South Korea (everyone should study abroad!). She and her husband particularly enjoy traveling to Hawaii and East Asia, and their (well, more hers) bucket list includes Singapore, Australia & New Zealand, Maldives, and more Pacific Islands. Esther is passionate about technology, food, deals and travel hacking, and beagles! Aroo!



(M) Michael also grew up the the Bay Area and works in tech. He travels so much that his friends say they never know where he is in the world! He considers East Asia (especially Japan and Taiwan) his second home, but also loves traveling all over the world. His bucket list includes Australia & New Zealand, South America, Scandinavia, and eventually hitting all 7 continents. Michael loves food and cooking, staying in shape, and constantly going on adventures and learning things.