Update on referral links, 9/22: I’m no longer able to generate referral links for the Ink Plus on Chase Refer A Friend. It’s possible those who are able to may see the increased bonus.

Increased signup bonuses are now available for the Chase Ink Cash and Ink Plus cards. The offers are:

Chase Ink Cash

Get $300 cash back (actually 30,000 Ultimate Rewards Points) when you spend $3,000 within the first 3 months. This card has no annual fee.

Application Link

Chase Ink Plus

Get 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points when you spend $5,000 within the first 3 months. The annual fee of $95 is not waived the first year.

Application Link

Increased signup bonus offers for both cards are seen a couple times a year. The increased bonus on the Ink Cash is as good as it ever has been. There have been higher offers on the Ink Plus, such as last year, where there was a 60K offer with annual fee waived, as well as a 70K offer with no annual fee waiver. However, strictly compared to the normal 50K offer, this is better because you are trading an extra 10K Ulimate Rewards points for $95. Even if you value Ultimate Rewards points at 1 cent per point of straight cashback (but they are probably valued higher than that,) you are at least up $5.

Unfortunately I was not able to generate referral links that reflect the increased bonuses, just the normal 50K offer for the Ink Plus.