Via View from the Wing, business class award space to Europe on American metal is wide open right now. Act fast, as American is notoriously stingy about opening up premium cabin award space to Europe. The space that is wide open is any American metal to LHR. Those routes are the big American and US Airways hubs LAX, MIA, DFW, ORD, CLT, PHL to LHR.

Normally, the only space accessible by American AAdvantage miles are the British Airways longhaul flights, and those come with hefty fuel surcharges.

Space is even wide open all the way into summer 2016, which is great as space rarely opens up then as well.

I’m flying from SFO, so I need to make a connection to one of those hubs, then beyond. Specifically, I was thinking of flying from London onto Amsterdam or Brussels. But fortunately, you can add on those connections to one award with no additional miles cost. Unfortunately, adding on that last British Airways leg increases the taxes by $95 or so from the $5.60 that it would be without that last leg.