These Silvercar discount codes came as part of a Virgin America promotional email today.

1st time renters: use code ELEVATE75 for $75 off.

Returning customers: use code ELEVATE15 for 15% off.

Silvercar Discount

I have my first-time reservation in FLL coming up in December that I had previously used code FTU50 for 1 day free. When I got this new code, I thought about cancelling the reservation and rebooking it with the new code, but was concerned that there would be IT issues with being considered a 1st-time renter, etc. So I shot off a quick email to and within 10 minutes I had received a response from Customer Support:

I have added that for you and it takes your total down to $55.86. Let me know if I can assist you any further.

Thank you for contacting Silvercar!

A few minutes and I just saved $20 (my original rental cost was $75), woot! Talk about fast, uncomplicated customer service! I’m positive we’re going to have a great time and this will be my first time ever driving an Audi A4. 😀

If you are a first-time renter, I would appreciate if you sign up with my referral code MYOUNG7 (entered in your account settings) which will give you $25 back in cash (via PayPal) after you complete your first rental, and yes you can use this $75 promo code with it! So that’s $100 savings on your first rental!

From @Silvercar on where to find the place to put my referral code,