To build on Chasing The Point’s trick on adding cards into your cart to lock in a better rate if you’re afraid they’re about to drop (though bulk sellers are given 7 days notice of price drops), here is another trick I came up with:

When you’re adding multiple cards of the same brand and denomination into your cart, click the “Get Offer” button multiple times quickly without letting it go to the next screen. This saves you time so you don’t have to enter all the details again.


Click “Get Offer” multiple times quickly to add the same brand and denomination multiple times.

Using the bulk seller form requires you to enter gift card numbers and pins, so I only use this trick to quickly lock in a rate if I’m not sure if I’m going to sell there yet. I just did this today to quickly add 8 x $150 Dell gift cards into my cart. (The rate for Dell is not dropping, simply showing this as an example)

Does anyone happen to need 8 x $150 Dell gift cards, by the way? 😉