This ones going to be a short one, and fairly atypical of me for many reasons (primary of which is that it’s short 😛 ).

For starters, I booked my first, first-class ticket!! Although I wear my never-flown-a-premium-cabin badge with pride, Bangkok and Southeast Asia have been on my bucket list, and for just 60,750 AA miles (after the 10% rebate from my Citi AAdvantage Platinum card), it was worth the splurge (for what it’s worth, I will be flying Qantas and AA business class between now and this booking, but it will still have the honor of being my first flight in the front of the plane).

Cathay First, baby!

Cathay First, baby!

Here are some links to photos and reviews of Cathay first-class, for those who either a) haven’t seen what it looks like or b) are my dad.

Secondly, I wanted to share what a great experience I had booking over the phone with AA, and in particular (because it varies tremendously by rep), thank Martha in Phoenix for making my booking process incredibly simple. She knew her stuff incredibly well and was easily able to locate the flight and seats I wanted.

As I put it to a friend:

Convo about AA award booking

So Martha, wherever you are, and however the heck you found this post, thanks!