Did you sign up for the BBVA NBA Amex card like many others but were getting annoyed at having to manually make payments and worrying that you might forget and get charged a late fee? Well, no longer! Thanks to icemule1 on reddit, now we know there is a way to set up autopay for your BBVA credit cards!

All you need to do send them a form either through snail mail, fax, or email, and autopay should start working in 1-2 billing cycles. Before it takes effect, make sure to still make your monthly payments manually! Addresses / fax numbers are below:

Mail: BBVA Compass – Card Financial Services
PO Box 2210 Decatur, AL 35699

Fax: 205-297-6086

Email: BCCustomerService@bbvacompass.com

You can download the form here

Disclaimer: it says in the form that:

In order to qualify for Autopay Service drawn on a non-BBVA Compass account, the customer must have made at least one prior payment by check.

We’ll have to see how much this term is enforced but you may want to send a check payment anyways.