Having multiple phone numbers is helpful for a lot of reasons. Personally, I use my Google Voice number when filling out any potentially spammy forms or when selling things on Craigslist. I like being able to easily screen and block callers, as well as get voicemail transcriptions.

I also used to give it out to people after determining whether they were an iPhone or non-iPhone user — if they were an iPhone user, I gave them my real phone number so we could use iMessage…if they were not, I gave them my Google Voice number. The reason was not to be phone elitist, but that I used to be on that AT&T unlimited data plan and didn’t have free texts. Now that I’ve switched to T-Mobile (to save a LOT of money and have free international data), I no longer need to make that distinction.

Anyways, you could technically save even more money on cellphone service if you go with RingPlus (runs on Sprint network). While I’m not sure most of us could go as extreme as switching to Sprint, even if it was free, I’m sure many of us can benefit from having another number for free.

Check out this post by our friend at her blog on all the tips and tricks you need to get yourself started with free cell service.


Have you used RingPlus? What are your favorite ways to save on cellphone service?