TravelCodex reports that you can now get some new increased offers for American Express through private browsing / incognito windows.

To get any of these offers:

  1. Click on the links using a private browsing / incognito browser window. Make sure all previous private browsing/incognito windows or closed otherwise you won’t get a new offer.
  2. If you get the desired offer, go for it!
  3. Otherwise, close the window and try again.

100K bonus on the  American Express Platinum Charge Card

This bonus comes around only about once a year or longer, or through targeted mail offers. The signup bonus for this card and other perks of this card are in my opinion worth it for at least a year, but perhaps not more than that. The offer is 100K Membership Rewards points for $3,000 spend in the first 3 months.

American Express Platinum Application Link

Note from Esther: You can also sign up for the 100K offer by calling Amex and using the reference code: POID BUIU:0001 (/ht Reddit)

75K bonus on the American Express Business Gold Charge Card

This offer appears more regularly, but may be less desirable, as it requires $10,000 spend in 3 months to earn the bonus

American Express Business Gold Application Link

50k bonus on the American Express Personal Rewards Gold Charge Card

The offer is 50K Membership Rewards points for $1,000 spend in 3 months. This offer appears somewhat regularly as well, but is still a good deal and twice the normal bonus. The rewards structure on this card is good as well with 3x on airfare and 2x on US gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants, and 1x on everything else.

All of these cards are charge cards and don’t count towards the 4 credit card limit with American Express. Remember that personal credit card signup bonuses with American Express are now once per lifetime.

Edit: People are reporting that the 100K Platinum offer is no longer working. Time to be jealous of all the 100K offers my roommate gets again.