Received this in my email today! I’m a huge fan of my Barclaycard Sallie Mae Mastercard thanks to the 5% cashback on grocery stores (up to $250 per month), 5% cashback on gas (up to $250 per month), and 5% cashback on bookstores, including (up to $750 per month). And of course the standard 1% cashback on everything else. I always recommend this card to my friends and family who aren’t really looking to play the travel hacking game but just want to earn the maximum cashback on the most common everyday spending categories.

For those of you in this position, check your emails and see if you got a targeted offer that clearly has the holiday season in mind! Basically, you’ll get 2% bonus cashback on travel, department store, and toy/game store purchases on up to $10,000 in purchases from October 1 through December 31! That would be up to $250 in cashback. And from the terms of the offer, it sounds like this is in addition to the cashback you are already getting (1%), which comes out to a total of 3% cashback on these categories. So here’s a recap:

The usual:

  • 5% cashback on grocery stores (up to $250/month)
  • 5% cashback on gas (up to $250/month)
  • 5% cashback on bookstores, including (up to $750/month)
  • 1% cashback on everything else

In addition, from 10/1-12/31 on up to $10,000 in purchases:

  • 3% cashback on travel
  • 3% cashback on department stores
  • 3% cashback on toy and game stores

For those of you with 2% cards (or 3X travel cards or … or … ) already, please carry on, nothing interesting here. Except maybe if some portals come into play! 😉

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.04.27 AM

Full text:

From October 1 through December 31, you can earn bonus Reward Points when you use your Sallie Mae® MasterCard® for eligible travel, department store and toy and game store purchases. Just activate this offer by October 20, 2015, and you’ll earn 2 bonus Reward Points for every $1 spent on eligible purchases that post to your account, up to2,500 bonus Reward Points
Best of all, this is in addition to the Reward Points you already earn for using your card for everyday purchases.

You must activate this offer by October 20, 2015 to be eligible to earn bonus Reward Points! The bonus Reward Points will appear on your account within 6 to 8 weeks after the promotion ends.

¹ This bonus offer is for select Sallie Mae MasterCard cardmembers and is not transferable….The bonus Reward Points will appear on the cardmember’s statement 6-8 weeks after the end of the promotion.²

Update: There are various bonus offers floating around, according to Reddit.

Update 2: If you didn’t receive the email, you MIGHT be able to register using this link (copy and paste into your URL bar, then replace the underlined EMAIL with your registered email address):