From Just Another Points Traveler, you can save $10 off $50 on your first order at Amazon Warehouse Deals WD1STTIME. I’ve bought plenty of electronics and other more expensive products from Amazon Warehouse Deals and always had a good experience.

From Travel Codex, Avianca is status matching from various frequent flyer programs to its own program from October 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015. This is an easy way to get Star Alliance Gold until March 2017 if you have equivalent status or higher on another airline. It’s not certain what airlines they are matching from or if they are matching from other Star Alliance Airlines, but it’s worth a try! Star Alliance Gold gets you lounge access when flying Star Alliance airlines, priority check-in, sometimes priority security, and priority boarding. Star Alliance Gold from a program outside the United States also gives you domestic lounge access even when flying economy, which you don’t get as a United MileagePlus Gold member.

From Oren’s Money Saver, Discover Deals is back to 10% on Sears. Combined with the 5% back on Sears from Discover, you can get up to 25% cashback if you buy gift cards then use those to buy what you want. Factoring in the double cashback, you could get up to 50% cashback on anything at Sears. YMMV, as transactions may not track or Discover may clawback purchases of only gift cards.

I’m off to Brazil for the next week, see you guys on the flip side! My SWUs cleared on the way back 🙂