EDIT: This method still isn’t working perfectly for people. I suggest trying the normal registration page, and then calling in to get your code if things are still failing. The US call center claimed that they can’t register new accounts over the phone.

As posted earlier, Atitalia is offering a status match to elite members of various other frequent flier programs.

Unfortunately, when I tried to register, I just repeatedly received a mysterious error “Error in Service.” There have been reports of the registration successfully completing even with this error, so check your email. I unfortunately did not get this email.

To make the page work, make sure to disable any ad-blockers, and you should also access the page from the https:// page, as the page tries to load a secure resource from an insecure page then fails. Here’s a link to the registration page over HTTPS

I did both steps, and now received the error: “The member is already registered.”

Well apparently I was already registered from one of my previous failed attempts. So I called the US customer support line for MilleMiglia at +1 800 223 5730, which is apparently open 24/7, and was able to retrieve my MilleMiglia code, which let me reset my password and log in.