I was livechatting Discover tonight to follow up on some 5% category and Apple Pay issues from Q4, and at the end the representative asked if I had any other questions while I had her there. I took the opportunity to ask for any spending promotions. I didn’t expect anything other than maybe a lower APR, since one of my favorite blogs, Doctor of Credit, had not reported anything recently.

To my surprise…

Discover Live Chat

I already bought a $500 Visa gift card today with the card, but sure, I don’t mind buying a few more! 🙂 I expect this to be eligible for Double Cash Back, so a $100 bonus on a couple more minutes of my time is not too shabby.

[Update] I livechatted for my second account and got the same spending promotion! The second rep said:

I see that we have an offer where you would receive a $50 reward when you spend $3000.00 within the next 30 days. Would you like me to enroll you in this special promotion? There is no penalty if you do not spend the $3000.00, you still earn rewards on every purchase you make.

However, a few of my friends was not offered the promotion, so YMMV.

Did you get this offer when livechatting?