Greetings from Sydney!

At long last, the whole DEM Flyers crew is together in one place traveling for two weeks, and we could not be more excited. Unfortunately, Michael and I are still sitting on the tarmac at Sydney as we wait for a truck to tow our 747 the last 500 feet to the gate. So close, yet so far….

I don’t typically write trip reports, but I figured this occasion was significant enough to warrant it. And besides, I don’t have anything better to do ????

I’m going to ignore the part where we were delayed five hours in San Francisco waiting for engineers to repair the hydraulic systems as well as the part where we leaked hydraulic fluid all over the runway as we landed in Sydney, because otherwise, my first time flying an international premium cabin was fantastic! I got a full eight hours of sleep, had endless legroom, and was in general waayyyy more comfortable than I’ve ever been on a flight.

There are plenty of other places you can read in-depth reviews and reports about Qantas’s business class (see here and for a good one), so instead, I’ll just turn it over to my (excellent) camera work and let my photos tell you the rest of the story.

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