EDIT: After temporarily disappearing, GiftCards.com is back on TopCashback at 1.5%

For a long time, Giftcards.com was a good way of meeting minimum spending by allowing you to buy PIN-enabled Visa gift cards which were liquidatable in any number of ways. However, since they raised their gift card fees, it became quite expensive to purchase them without some kind of portal cash back.

To add insult to injury, Giftcards.com was pulled from most portals a couple months ago, but now it’s slowly making it’s way back.

Via Project Endpoint, Topcashback is offering a full 1.5% on Giftcards.com purchases! That brings the net cost of a $500 gift card down from 1.8% ($6.95 fee plus $1.99 shipping) to 0.3%!!

Here’s the direct link, and here’s a referral link if you’d like to give us a kick back 😉

Happy hacking!