EDIT (4/20/2016): Hilton has updated the link to the status match page, the old one no longer works! You can access the new page here

EDIT: There seems to be more datapoints for successful matches from IHG Platinum vs. Hyatt Platinum. Please leave us your datapoints, either here or in the reddit thread!

Also, make sure you send in .JPG files for the match, otherwise Hilton will reject your request and you will have to followup to send it again, as the form won’t let you send another request.

I first reported on Hilton’s status match program last fall, when the matching process was by email. In December, Hilton added the ability to directly request a status match online. reddit r/churning is reporting that it’s possible to match to Hilton Diamond from Hyatt Platinum or IHG Platinum, as long as you have a past stay in the last 12 months OR a future confirmed reservation. This is not guaranteed, as I’m getting data points that people are being matched to Gold as well.

Just go to the Hilton status match form, upload a proof of your membership status like a screenshot or photo of your elite status card, as well as a proof of a past stay in the last 12 months. People are reporting that future bookings work as well too.

I have been enjoying my Hilton status since I first got matched from Hyatt Diamond last fall, with stays at the Conrad Tokyo, Hilton Bogota, and Hilton Dublin, getting great upgrades and club access each time.

Both Hyatt Platinum and IHG Platinum can be gotten from their respective credits cards, so this shouldn’t be too hard to do as long as you have had a stay OR have a future stay.

Personally I feel like matching from Hyatt Platinum or IHG Platinum is a mistake similar to how Hyatt was matching anyone with any status to Diamond for a period of about 8 hours. It dilutes the benefits of elite status when the floodgates to elite status open up. This is a bit hypocritical given that I obtained Diamond in both Hyatt and Hilton through status matches, but I’ve definitely noticed a shortage in suites at Hyatt after becoming Diamond. But hey, if you personally are able to obtain elite status this way, why not enjoy the benefits? Also, Hilton should be able to better absorb an increase in elite members due to their larger footprint than Hyatt.

If you are able to get matched to Diamond from either Hyatt/IHG Platinum, please leave a comment to let us know!