I was digging around the bowels of FlyerTalk the other day, looking for some help with the schedule change policy at British Airways, when I found this little tool.

It’s known that the North American British Airways call center has fairly long wait times and can be… less than helpful. So typically I’ll call the North American call center first, and if the wait seems too long or the agent isn’t being very helpful. I’ll go and call another region. But it’s a tedious process to guess which offices might be open in each time zone.

So here is a tool that tells you what BA offices are open at the current moment!

All you need to do is select your current location, what kind of office you are looking for, and it will tell you if your local office is open as well as what other offices are open currently.

British Airways call center tool

British Airways call center tool

Here is a a link to the original FlyerTalk thread