A month or two ago, I wanted to add my PayPal Extras MasterCard as a backup method for my PayPal Business Debit card for that sweet, sweet extra cashback. I had an existing PayPal Business Debit card, so I went to apply for the PayPal Extras MasterCard. You are allowed to have 2 PayPal accounts, so I went to make sure which account had the Business Debit card on it first before applying, or so I thought.

When I received and activated my PayPal Extras MasterCard, then went into my PayPal account to change the backup options for the Business Debit Card, I did *not* find the option to add the Extras MasterCard as a backup method. Instead, I got a message prompting me to apply for a new Extras MasterCard (the application was automatically rejected.)

What it *should* look like

What it *should* look like

Oops. What do? Chuck from Doctor of Credit hinted that PayPal could probably resolve the issue, as he was in a similar but slightly different situation. So I called the number on the back of the card trying to explain my issue, only to be kicked back and forth between the department handling the Extras MasterCard and PayPal a couple of times.

*finally* got to someone helpful, and all they needed to do was change the email address associated with the PayPal Extras MasterCard account. And a couple of days later, I finally got the right options on the backup funding page. So call the number on the back of the card (1 (866) 300-6432), explain that your Extras MasterCard is on the wrong PayPal account and you need to change the email address, and don’t let yourself get transferred to the PayPal side.