Singapore Airport is incredible. It’s like the ultimate hangout spot, if it only didn’t require a boarding pass to get in. I could imagine people wanting to get their friends together and hang out for a day here. I was on my way from SIN to TPE via Tigerair Taiwan, and since I had to check luggage and the counters weren’t open more than 2 hours prior, I wish I had more than 2 hours to explore. I will definitely allot more hours next time I’m there. It’s these Asian airports that make me realize how paltry our American lounges are in comparison!

This post will be like my TPE lounges post, in that it’ll be mostly pictures, with my thoughts and reviews in the captions. The only difference is that in this post I will discuss a lot about the airport itself too, since the experience wasn’t just about the lounges.  I also didn’t have enough time to hit every single Priority Pass lounge, but hope to catch them next time. Enjoy!

Singapore Airport
  • Gardens beautifully curated and maintained

Terminal 1: Piazza Garden, Cactus Garden, Water Lily Pad Garden, Sculptural Tree Garden

Terminal 2: Enchanted Garden, Koi Pond/Orchid Garden, Sunflower Garden

Terminal 3: Butterfly Garden

  • For kids: playground with lots of slides, interactive art
  • For families: PS3 gaming, free LAN gaming, family zones, free movie theater, free Singapore sightseeing tours
  • Pool with jacuzzi and swim-up bar
  • Changi Aviation Gallery
  • Link: 
Lounges Reviewed (all Priority Pass)

Terminal 1:

  • Dnata Lounge
  • Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Airport Wellness Oasis Lounge

Terminal 2:

  • Ambassador Transit Lounge
  • SATS Premier Lounge


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SIN Lounges

Lounges in Singapore Changi International Airport and general review of the airport itself.
Sunflower Garden