I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the Total Rewards program, which is the loyalty program of a number of casinos and hotels around the United States, notably Harrah’s, Caesar’s Palace, the LINQ, the Cromwell, Rio, Paris, and more. Specifically, I heard that Diamond status, which you can get through a match with FoundersCard had a lot of great benefits, like waived resort fees, buffet privileges and more (possibly even a free stay in the Bahamas!) So I wanted to create a Total Rewards account to take advantage of the benefits. Great, right?

Well, as I tried to create an online account, I got this lovely error:

uh oh. I don't remember creating an account

Uh oh. I don’t remember creating an account

I tried to remember if I had created an online account already, and searched my email and password manager for any clue that I had already. No dice. I tried using the password reset feature with all the emails I could have possibly used with no luck.

Turns out that I had probably at some point in the past signed up for Total Rewards account in person on a trip to Vegas and lost my account information. I had never set up an online account either, and you can only set up an online account with your Total Rewards number. Except for I didn’t have that. And Total Rewards’ policies *say* that for security reasons, they can’t give out Total Rewards account numbers over email and phone. So was my only choice to go visit a Total Rewards casino? I wanted to use Diamond status to see if there were any extra discounts or benefits on my account *before* I booked a hotel in Vegas, not after.

I called Total Rewards, and they were less than helpful, and basically said I needed to go in person to replace my card.

On a whim, I also sent Total Rewards an email pleading my case, saying that I have no recollection of ever setting up an account online or in person, but the system wasn’t letting me create a new account, and I wanted to use my FoundersCard benefit. I got this reply:

Hello Michael,

Thank you for contacting Caesars Entertainment. I would be happy to see if you have a Total Rewards account number. For security purposes, please provide your date of birth, address, and month/location of your last visit. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you further.

Have an amazing day!

After providing my information, I received a response fairly quickly:

Thank you for providing your information. I have located your account in our system and it matches the information you provided. Your Total Rewards number is **********. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

And with that, I was successfully able to set up my online Total Rewards account (apparently I had also signed up with an obscure email address that I forgot about) and request my Diamond status match. So if you’ve totally forgotten your Total Rewards account and are unable to set up an online account, it is possible to recover your information if you ask nicely enough. Here’s to Vegas!