I’ve been using CardCash over the last year or so to buy discounted gift cards while also getting 5x Ultimate Rewards through my Chase Ink card. CardCash, whether paid through PayPal or paid directly, would code as Utilities and earn 5x Ultimate Rewards with Chase Ink.

From recent datapoints from people I know, as well as my own personal datapoints, it seems like on 6/16, CardCash has started to code as Recreation instead and only earn 1x Ultimate Rewards points.

I’ve only been paying CardCash through PayPal, but apparently paying CardCash directly also¬†doesn’t code as Utilities anymore (I just learned you could have paid CardCash directly and gotten 5x, not sure why I was using PayPal!)

posted CardCash transaction coding as Recreation

cardcash ink

Ultimate Rewards page showing no bonus earn after 6/16

We don’t know the reason behind the Merchant Category Code change, only speculation. Hopefully it changes back at some point.