I’m sure if you have an Uber account you’ve seen this promo already, but you can enter to win a free roundtrip flight anywhere Alaska Airlines flies with a sweepstakes from Uber. All you have to do is live in certain West Coast cities + Honolulu, enter the appropriate promo code, and take rides on Uber during the sweepstakes period, which aligns with Pride Week in the various cities.

The sweepstakes periods and promo codes are (Los Angeles and Portland are already over, but San Francisco is on right now!)

  • Los Angeles, California: Monday, 6/6- Sunday 6/12: LOVEMOVESLA
  • Portland, Oregon: Monday, 6/13 through Sunday, 6/19: LOVEMOVESPDX
  • San Francisco, California: Monday, 6/20 through Sunday, 6/26: LOVEMOVESSF
  • Seattle, Washington: Monday, 6/20 through Sunday, 6/26: LOVEMOVESSEA
  • San Diego, California: Wednesday, 7/13 through Tuesday, 7/19: LOVEMOVESSD
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: Sunday, 10/16 through Saturday, 10/22: LOVEMOVESHNL
  • Palm Springs, California: Tuesday, 11/1 through Sunday, 11/6: LOVEMOVESPS

OR, for the lazy / infrequent Uber riders:

Or enter by Electronic Mail: send an email to emailentry@uber.com specifying the name of the sweepstakes (“Uber – Alaska Airlines Pride Sweepstakes”) in the subject line of the email. Entrants must also include ONLY the following details in the body of the email: Entrant’s email address, mailing address, and name. All email entries must be received by no later than the end of the specified Sweepstakes Period. There is a limit of 22 entries per Entrant. 

I think it’s time to fire off some emails!