This isn’t really a travel-related post, but I really wanted to share this deal. A lot of people know I’m a huge fan of my Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. It’s right up there with my iPhone and Macbook Pro Retina as one of my favorite devices in my life.

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Hopefully you got that $10 off deal with a Mastercard that Doctor of Credit posted about the other day, it would apply to this since it’s sold by and shipped from Amazon, making this deal even sweeter at $58.95!

Who should get an Instant Pot?

Anyone who wants to be able to make healthy, fast, and delicious meals. There are a lot of great recipes from the pressure cooker community, and pressure cookers cook hotter and faster than many traditional methods which help make food (especially meats) taste tender and amazing. You can even bake a cheesecake in it!

There are entire Facebook communities (see below) around this simple electric pressure cooker, sharing recipes and tips and stories on how this little device has changed their families’ lives. Some people even travel with the Instant Pot (apparently it fits in the overhead bin) so they can cook healthy meals easily and quickly in hotel rooms! I haven’t done that yet, but I have a free resort trip in the Bahamas coming up soon where food is going to cost a fortune, so hmm…

RECIPE Sites/communities

Pressure Cook Recipes –

Hip Pressure Cooking –

Chef Steps –

Serious Eats –

Pressure Cooking Today –

Two Sleevers (Indian Food) –

Communities on Facebook:

Instant Pot English –

Instant Pot Chinese –

Asian Cooking (lots of Instant Pot recipes) –

Instant Pot for Indian Food –

Favorite Recipes

Chicken Pho (Pho Ga) in 30 minutes (one of my go-to’s)

Beef Pho (the original reason I got an Instant Pot in the first place)

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup (another of my go-to’s)

Steamed Silky Eggs** (one of my favorites – super easy and fast)

Chicken Congee


A good read: How to convert a recipe into a pressure cooker recipe

To tie this back to the world of MSing and travel hacking, this simple little contraption has made cooking easier, healthier, faster and more hands-free for me so I can focus on placing order after order of gift cards instead of standing over the stove. 😉

If you have a pressure cooker, I would LOVE to hear your go-to recipes and stories! If you don’t have one yet, I hope I’ve piqued your interest enough to go look into it! 😀 Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday, everyone!!

Vietnamese Chicken Pho (Pho Ga) - took about 1 hour start to finish, and the chicken is incredibly tender!

Vietnamese Chicken Pho (Pho Ga) – took about 1 hour start to finish, and the chicken is incredibly tender!


Silky Steamed Eggs - about 15 minutes from start to finish

Silky Steamed Eggs – about 15 minutes from start to finish

**I do the lazy version of this recipe. By lazy, I mean I skip all the stuff about straining, etc. Here’s a very detailed guide on how I make it. Prep is only like 2 minutes:
1. Crack 4 eggs into a Pyrex bowl (ignore what the recipe says about shallow dishes…I use a deep Pyrex)
2. Beat eggs with pair of chopsticks everything is evenly mixed.
3. Hold my finger on the side of the Pyrex where the liquid line is as a marker. With other hand, pour water from Brita pitcher in until the liquid line is double where it is now (just eyeball it).
4. Stir with chopsticks until water and eggs are evenly distributed.
5. Pour 1/2 cup boiling water into the Instant Pot. Put the Pyrex into the IP on top of a steaming rack.
6. Close lid, seal the vent, press Steam TWICE (to turn off the Keep Warm light), then Adjust (set it on Low Pressure), then set time to 7 min.
7. Go back to whatever you were doing as the eggs cook, and let it natural release (only a few min after the beep; you’ll hear a click when the pressure is released).
8. Pour some soy sauce, chili sauce, or whatever sauce you’d like! Maybe add some green onions!